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Disposable Cup Thermoforming Machine

Disposable Cup Thermoforming Machine

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MULTI-FUNCTIONAL   THERMOFORMING MACHINE is designed with most advanced thermoforming   technology, a combination of mechanical, electrical and pneumatic components.   And the whole system was controlled by PLC. The machine has man-interface   operation which Electric cooker constant temperature preheat, sends sheet by   chain, running by cam, forming by up and down mould and cutting by mould   knives. It combines the sheet sending, heating, stretching, forming, cutting   into one process. The machine is suitable for PP, PS, ABS, HIPS, PEP   material. They are widely used in producing disposable table wares as various   kinds of cups like ice cream cups, milk cups, jelly cups, cup covers, instant   noodle bowls, toy boxes,etc. It can also be used in plastic package in   medicine manufacturing, light industry, textile, tourism, etc.


Sheet   Width

330-660   mm

Sheet   Thickness

0.2-2   mm

Max.   Forming Area

640×220   mm, 640×400 mm

Max.   Forming Depth

160 mm

Forming   Pressure

0.5-0.8   Mpa

Forming   Speed

20-35 stroke/min

Power   Supply(Three Phase)


Rated   Heating Power

60 kw

Main   Motor Power

7.5 kw

Sending   Motor Power

3 kw

Rewinding   Motor Power

0.37 kw

Total   Weight

5.0/5.5   Ton

Water   Temperature




Air   Consumption


Water   Consumption




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