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  • Sheet Extruder Machine

    Sheet Extruder Machine

  • Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extruder

    Double Wall Corrugated Pipe ExtruderApplication: This kind of corrugated pipe is mainly used for underground water drainage system. Properties & Advantages: It is fully computer controlled, automatic production line. It features high and stable output capacity, and highly automatic...

  • PVC Profiles Extruder

    PVC Profiles ExtruderPVC Profiles Extruder 1. PVC Profiles Extruder suitable to produce PVC profile, multi-hole cable duct(4-hole, 6-hole, 7-hole option). The capacity of main extruder from 150kg/hour to 450kg/hour for option 2. Special design for haul-off units working...

  • Single Screw Series Extruder

    Single Screw Series Extruder

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