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Automatic Toothpick Packing Machine(four Side Sealing)

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The   machine is used to pack tooth pickers by performing colored printing on the   packing paper tape and making small packs for tooth pickers. Its functions   include paper pack printing, Forming of four side sealing packs, tooth   pickers feeding aperture-cutting and counting, also with photoelectric   trademark positioning system for option. It is presently an ideal choice of   fully automatic tooth picker machine. The packed products are nice in   appearance, suitable for hotels, restaurants and touring service   applications.


Quantity per pack: 1 pc/pack

Packing material: paper/PE   laminated roll film, PE roll, OPP roll.

Capacity: 800-900 bags/min

Power:3.0kw, 380v
Dimension: 2.0×0.8×1.5m
Weight: 680kg

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