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Wide Mouth Jar Powder Filling and Capping Machine

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This type of jar filling and   capping machine is automatic controlled by PLC. Movement reliability, servo   motor, touches screen, easy operation, and adjustable speeds. This type of   machine is suited for the ration packaging of small particulates, petty   powder, and super-mini-power.
  The parts, which come into contact with filling material are made of   stainless steel conforming to GMP standard.


  1. Power supply: AC220V; 50Hz
  2. Power: 3kw
  3. Calculate specifications: 5g~100kg
  4. Packing accuracy: ± 1.5 
  5. Gas feed: 0.5Mpa stable gas feed
  6. Weight: 550kg
  7. Machine Dimension (L×W×H): 2000mm×800mm×2100mm

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