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Automatic Horizontal Powder Packing Machine

Automatic Horizontal Powder Packing Machine

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  1. This powder   packing machine applies heat-sealing and dual-bag packing
  2. It is suitable for liquid, powder and granule.
  3. This type of machine is controlled by PLC, touch screen control panel.
  4. Production capacity: 40bags/min-80bags/min
  Major   Characteristics:
This machine is   suitable for packing dual bags with same or different material, liquid or   powder. It combines of bag delivery and bag sealing etc. You can choose different types of packing equipment to pack different products, such as: powder, paste granular, and liquid.
  This horizontal packaging machine is especial good for packing liquid, it can pack SC,EC,SL and non-viscosity liquid.
  1. This type of machine is controlled by PLC, touch screen control panel, it is easy to operate and high in accuracy. It can pack various of products.
  2. The control parts of this machine are controlled by PLC. It has high automation. No open bags miss filling. It runs stably. Photo-electricity sensor, coder, and approximate switch are of international famous brand.
  3. This machine can be applied to pack double-chamber bags. It achieves multi-position filling, and anti-counterfeiting.
  4. This machine has many advantages like high speed, easy to alter the specification of bags, and all parts which contact the filling material are   made of stainless steel, etc. It is an idea equipment for pharmaceutical,   chemical, pesticide and cosmetic industries.


  1. Outline dimension: 3500mm (L)*970mm (W)*2200mm (H)
  2. Bag size making: single bag: max: 180mm (W)*225mm (H)
  Min: 85mm (W)*100mm (H)
  Double bag: Max (90+90) mm (w)*220(H)
  Min (60+60) mm (W)*70(H)
  3. Suitable film roll: max external diameter: 380mm
  Inner diameter: 70mm-80mm
  4. Power: 4.5kw
  5. Power supply: 380V 10%
  6. Pneumatic (air-operated) source: 0.6Mpa clean and stable compressed air
  7. Production capacity: 40bags/min-80bags/min
  8. Weight: 1080kg

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