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Coffee Powder Capsule Filling and Packing Machine

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LW60A Series Automatic Cup Filling and Sealing Machine has different kinds of filling pump to fit for filling   the products with different viscosity, from beverage to creamy products, like   Noodle, Gel, Jelly, Milk, Popsicle, Cream, Fruit Juice, by changing the screw feeder, it could also fill coffee powder, etc., and sealing with appropriate   compound film, and it is widely used in cosmetic, medical, chemical industry, beverage and food industry.

Our company, according to the   requirement of the customer, can design different models in order to meet the   need for the customer of different shapes and different containers.

A: control system:   Controller:  PLC,  Japan Omron control parts.

All the machine are pneumatic ,to make sure the machine can operation stable.

B: seal device : Two-heat seal ,toseal well .

C: molds : used acid proof molds .

D: All the machine Frame outsourcing are 304 stainless steel ,but the filling system and all touch the   products are all made of  304 stainless steel.

E: cylinder :Tai wan   "AIRTAC"

F: electric parts : are all famous brand from all over the world.

G: Filling system : screw feed and press tightly type

H:Touch Screen



220v/380v   ,50-60hz

Power   of motor


Heating   power


Used   pressure


Gross   weight

About   Rough 1200KG

Machine   size

3200 x1200 x1700mm

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