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Auto Plastic Cup Forming-filling-sealing Machine

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This machine can be used for   packaging various kinds of cup or box type products, such as yogurt, milk,   ice cream, jam, fruit concentrate, fruit juice, condiments, etc. The use is   extensive. The mold structure can also be adapted to meet the requirements   for other industries.
  The complete machine is manufactured from stainless steel, with an elegant   appearance. It uses an American anti-sepsis air filtration system, the German   FESTO company's pneumatic control system, an imported temperature control   system, photo-electric film, computer program and human interface control   system, CIP rinse system, APV butterfly valve and UV ray sterilization.
  The machine automatically molds the cup or box, pours the product, seals,   mark the code, shears the film etc, thereby forming a complete fully   automatic production line. This reduces pollution caused during the packing   and transportation process, and greatly extends the products' quality   guarantee period. It is a perfect fully automatic product for medium and   large sized enterprises. We can customize all specifications &types   according to costumers' demands.





3000   cups/hour


5000   cups/hour


9000   cups/hour


12000   cups/hour

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