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Inner& External Fully-automatic Capping Machine

Inner& External Fully-automatic Capping Machine

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This machine integrates functions such as feeding bottles,   sorting&pouching plugs, sorting&placing&tightening caps, and delivering bottles. It automatically picks up plugs, adjusts their positions;   and it automatically picks up and accurately tightens the caps by positioning   method. It does no harm to bottles and caps in pouching process.  

This machine distributes plugs, caps and bottles fast and accurately, so to achieve synchronized operation.

This machine is a newly developed rotary pouching and screwing two in one capping machine. It has advantages such as high automation, large capability, stable operation, and beautiful and elegant in appearance as it is polished   on surface; due to its frequency control motor speed, it is ideal for assembly line, and its capacity and technology is as advanced as imported machines. It is ideal for big&medium packing workshops. 


1.Machine Dimension:3800mm(L)*1900mm(W)*2700mm(H)

2.Container Size:φ40*80mm to φ100*280mm;customize for   irregular bottles

3.Plug Size:φ40*50mm to φ60*80mm

4.Cap Size:φ40*50mm to φ65*85mm

5.Power Supply:380V;50HZ


7.Pouching Hands:8

8.Screwing Hands:8


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