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Safety Knowledge Of Automatic Strapping Machines.
- Mar 07, 2018 -

Now let's take a look at the safety knowledge of automatic strapping machines.

1. Using this machine, the power supply must be grounded, and the grounding pin on the plug of the machine power machine cannot be removed, otherwise it may lead to electric shock.

2. After the machine cover and left/right doors are opened, the movement part of the machine cannot be touched by hand.

3. Do not touch the electrical part of the machine and the electric heating steel sheet after the power is switched on.

4. Disable the machine in a corrosive and dust environment.

5. When packing, do not put your head and hand in the packing belt.

Although modern industry is very developed, there are still quite a lot of packaging printing factories by hand to tie the production of good cartons or books.Then you need to use the strapping machine.It takes only about 2 seconds for the automatic strapping machine to complete a bundle.Generally speaking, an automatic bundling machine is faster than three skilled manual binding at work, which not only greatly improves the working efficiency, but also saves the human resource cost.Automatic strapping machine used for flexible packaging materials of PE band, the applicable scope is wide, suitable for carton, cardboard, paper, printing products such as packaging, automatic binding machine not only tied the knot and firmer, more beautiful than artificial banding, and much smaller than the artificial banding, the more material saving.