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Pipe Sterilizer Introduction
- Mar 08, 2018 -

Asepsis pipe sterilizing machine is special for all kinds of liquid drinks milk, soy milk, peanut milk, juice of aseptic packaging equipment design, it is suitable for various kinds of asepsis packing, especially suitable for dairy products such as neutral beverage production, satisfy the normal temperature preservation for several months.

Product features of sterile tube sterilizer:

1. Materials and heating medium are heated by non-contact heat exchange in their respective sealing systems to ensure material health and safety.

2. Short sterilization time can ensure that the nutrients in the materials are not destroyed.

3. The whole machine adopts food-grade stainless steel material to ensure the safety and hygienic requirements of beverage and food equipment.

4. Good heat transfer effect, high recovery rate and low energy consumption.

5. The main control components, valve parts and fittings are all imported, with long service life.

6. Tube UHT PLC control, the heating temperature of material paragraphs may be, hot water temperature, steam flow regulation such as automatic control, and is equipped with automatic material return system, to ensure that the material is 100% sterilization effect.

7. Simple structure, easy to clean, easy to operate and low maintenance cost.