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Intelligent Food Packaging Machinery
- Dec 06, 2017 -

The automation technology used in food packaging machinery mainly includes robot technology, motion control, transmission control, control system, machine bus technology, man-machine interface and sensor. For example, different types of industrial robots are used in the packaging, stacking, loading and unloading of food.In the process of food processing and packaging, monitoring food beverage storage tank, packaging and filling, heating, cooling, mixing, processing can apply sensors;The machine bus technology is widely used in large food processing plants in China, which can realize the seamless link between unmanned operation, detection and transmission of the production line.Traditional mechanical control of food packaging machinery, such as CAM distribution shaft, etc., subsequently produced pneumatic control and photoelectric control.

But with the continuous improvement of food processing technology and parameter demands on packing are also more and more, the former control standards have been unable to meet the needs of the development, it puts forward new requirements on application technology.At present, our country adopts the food packaging machinery is set, electricity, light, magnetic and gas in the integration of mechanical electronic equipment, and in the design of the future, you should pay attention to improve the automation level of packaging machinery, food packaging machinery research and development and the combination of computer technology, electromechanical integration control. Electromechanical integration mainly focuses on the system viewpoint, and uses the whole process of control principle to realize the organic combination of mechanical, electronic, information and detection to achieve the overall optimal configuration.

In general, microcomputer technology will gradually be introduced into the field of food packaging machinery to improve the application level of electromechanical integration and develop intelligent packaging.The development direction of food packaging machinery is: according to the requirements of food packaging is combination of automatic packaging system, strengthen the control of production process and testing, troubleshooting, etc., in order to realize high quality, high efficiency, low consumption and safety production.

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