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Automatic Wafer Biscuit Production Line

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This wafer machinery   production line has the characteristic of reliable performance, high yield,   low power, convenient maintenance, easy operation, and non environmental   pollution. The electrical and mechanical units of the whole machine are international   brand products, having long working life. The parts that contact food are   made of 304 stainless steel, PP plastic and food grade PU belt in accordance   with health and safety standard.

• To   make wafers of various sizes and patterns according to user needs.
• To make wafers of various shapes according to user needs, e.g. ball shape,   pattern 
  shape, bar shape, etc.
• Through biscuit divider, transmit the wafer to chocolate coating machine to   make 
  chocolate wafer.

• Automatic production process; only 4 operators required for the entire   production 



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