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Semi Auto Capsule Filling Machine

Semi Auto Capsule Filling Machine

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The   product is special capsule filling machine which is suitable for medium and   small pharmaceutical factory, hospital preparation lab, etc. The machine is   adopted programmable control system, touch panel operation, step-less   transudation speed-shift, and electronic automatic counter. It can automatic   complete the action of position, separation, filling, locking, etc. The   dosage is accurate, and the operation is convenient. The overall machine is   made of stainless steel, and it is suitable for the capsule which is filled   with powder and grain. 
1) Controlled by step-less frequency conversion and pneumatic   device, and adopts electronic automatic counter 
  2) Can finish position, separation, filling, locking of capsule, and reduce   the labor intensity and improve working efficiency


Products Capacity 12500pcs/hour
  ·Suitable capsule No.1, No.2, No.3
  ·Fill the form of drug powder and small pellet
  ·Power 3.15kw
  ·Weight 920kg
  ·Overall Size 1400*950*1480mm L*W*H mm
  ·Assistant: Air Compressor 1 set   Vacuum pump 1set

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