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Glass Bottle Washer

Glass Bottle Washer

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This one end bottle-inputting and   outputting washer occupies only a little space, and it is also easy to be   operated.

    Many soaking   tanks, one of them is pre-soaking tank ,two main soaking tanks,the   temperature of pre-soaking tank and soaking tanks are respectively 35-45℃ and   72-80℃,with low  water consumption, high efficiency of using heat   energy.

    Two-path   delabeling, basing on the completely soaking ,it is easy to delabel the   remained through tracking to spray. Adopting two-path cycling mesh to   filtrate out the labels, which can keep the soaking solution clean, low lye   solution and enhance the efficiency of delabeling. 

    Three-path   spraying ensures the remained liquid to be cleaned away, in the help of the   drying function of blow drier, the clean degree of the bottle answer for the   national sanitation standard.

    The rate of   cleaning recycling bottles is more than 97 percent.

    Adopting   gibbous wheel and linking framework ,which is accurate and steady to input   and output the bottle ,no overturning , the rate of breakage is under one in a thousand.

    The main drive   has frequency conversion electromotor to change frequency and adjust the   speed. 

    Many safe   over-loading devices can fully ensure the machine working safely, the machine   can be reset and gets rid of the burden when the machine will be blocked up.


Model: 320

Nominal   capacity              12000-13200(bph)

Period of bottle   feeding               5.5 (second)

No.of installing   bottles           228   (row)×20 (bottle)

Time that bottles passing by:  21.1   (minute)

Time of soaking:             7.6 (minute)

No of tanks:         3(1 pre-soaking   tank,2 main tank)

Delabelling equipment:               2

Bottle type:               (dia.)¢50~82, (height)170~290

Installed capacity:               37.05KW

Water consumption:               about 5000Kg/Hour

Steam consumption:               about 396Kg/Hour

Weight:                                  37000Kg

Overall size(mm):                 11832×4330×3230mm

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