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Manual Magnetic Stripe Mounting Machine

Manual Magnetic Stripe Mounting Machine

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LWMMS150   is controlled by relay, and uses imported temperature control equipment to   control the temperature,the spot welding time is controlled by   time relay,the magnetic stripe can be mounted on the covered film under   the heating and pressure. It is available for mounting sheet material.


1. Use double cylinders as motivity,the pressure of the welding   spot can be adjusted,the magnetic stripe welding spot is level   off and firmed
2. Heating temperature control method: use the heater to heat up and the   imported thermocouple cooperating with temperature controller to control the   temperature,it is easy to set and the temperature controller is precise.
3. The spot welding time is controlled by time relay and the time can be   adjusted as needed. It is simple and convenient for setting.


Power   source

AC   380V/50 HZ

Available   material

0.25~0.8mm   covered film sheet

Air   source

6 kg/c㎡(no water)

Stripe   type

Accord   with ISO/IEC7811 high density and lower density magnetic stripe

Total   power


Stripe   width

12.7mm   6.35mm plate dia.380mm

Temperature   control range

0-400℃(can   be set)

Stripe   amount

5~8 PCS

Temperature   control precision


Available   sheet

3X8、4X8、5X5(with choice)

Laying   precision



1   person



Overall   dimension




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