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Automatic Dual Interface Card ImplantingMachine

Automatic Dual Interface Card ImplantingMachine

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LWADIC300 is controlled by   mitsubishi Q series PLC+human-machine interface, is positioned by mitsubishi   servo, is amended and conveyed by SMC double moving cylinder. Collecting and   releasing IC stripe and reel autmatically, testing and positioning by high   sensitive photoelectricity sensor. automatically punching IC, vacuum   collecting and releasing IC, turn plate amendment , automatically releasing   line, pressing line and positioning. Laser weld 0.1 tin copper line on well   tinned dual interface chip, automatically entering card, conveying card,   automatically welding tin copper line on tin copper sheet on raw card by   laser. It incorpates rotating chip , whole line, amending chip, spot welding,   hot weld, cold weld and function testing . 
  1、machine is   controlled by mitsubishi Q series PLC, is operated by human-machine   interface, so it is very convenient. 
  2、Positioning by   servo module group, so precision is high. 
  3、Imported SMC   double cylinder moves up/down along straight line, positioning is accurate,   precision is high and longevity is long. 
  4、Using imported   famous brand as servo module group. 
  5、Using mitsubishi   servo motor as stepping power. 
  6、Imported sensor   testing the overall running status of machine, system will alert   automatically. 
  7、Welding by laser   , so precision is high and card will not be damaged. 
  8、Implanting   automatically. 
  9、Raw is   automatically milled by slot milling machine.


Power   source


Control   method

Mitsubishi   Q series PLC+ man-machine interface

Total   power

About   40KW



Air   source

6Kg/c㎡ (no water)



Air   consumption

About   800LMIN


Well   milled dual interface raw card


About   2200kg

Overall   dimension


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